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Welcome to my blog all about publishing and everything that goes with it!

I’m Ben Oakley, author, blogger, researcher, mental health advocate, and wanderer, with nine years of experience in the publishing industry.

Since I went full time in 2019, I’ve authored 37 books, and discussed the subject on radio shows, podcasts, and other blogs. I’m currently working on a true crime documentary film!

I’m a professional writer who spills out 10,000 words/day on average. Which means when I’m not writing books, I’m blogging!

I started with one blog under my own name but as it grew into hundreds of posts, mostly disconnected from one another, I decided to split them.

Thus, Advanced Online Publishing (AOP) Direct was set up, with an aim to help others cut through the noise of self-publishing, blogging, and content creation.

I share informative and interesting content about publishing, online software, services, marketing, translation, blogs, websites, and more – everything you need to help you really succeed.

I believe that online publishing in any form is a fascinating and valuable area of interest, and I hope you find this site helpful, entertaining, and informative.

More importantly, I’m not trying to sell you anything, my content is forever free!

You can find me on Twitter or over on my personal blog. Or if true crime’s your thing, hit me up here.

Thank you for being here!