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Benefits of Using Kindle Create Over Word



Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by Ben Oakley

What is Kindle Create?

Kindle Create is Amazon’s own proprietary software to help prepare your manuscript for publication through Amazon KDP.

Kindle Create Version Updated June 2022. Benefits of Using Kindle Create Over Word
Kindle Create Version Updated June 2022.

It’s Amazon’s free interior formatting tool that allows you to create more professional-looking eBooks repeatedly.

Of course, for eBooks, you can upload your manuscript as a Word Document (DOC/DOCX) or EPUB directly through the KDP interface.

You don’t have to use Kindle Create but it does make life easier when it comes to formatting an eBook and making it look good for readers.

With the right knowledge, you can create beautiful eBooks using Word and upload them that way but Kindle Create can streamline the process.

You can use it for print copies but it’s highly recommended to upload a print manuscript as a PDF to ensure correct formatting.

Here are some benefits of using Kindle Create.

Reflowable eBooks

Reflowable eBooks means that readers can resize the fonts, adjust the layout, and resize images as they’re reading.

A fixed eBook format means that you have pre-defined the individual elements using Word and it will look the same on every single device.

Using a fixed format is beneficial if you want your eBook to look the same everywhere. Unless you have a requirement for your book to be fixed format, then uploading a reflowable manuscript is beneficial to your readers.

Kindle Create automatically outputs your manuscript to be reflowable on all devices, including tablets, phones, and Kindles.

Personalised themes and styles

You can select from a variety of themes and styles to format your eBook to the look you want. There are various themes available at the click of a button.

There are options to change the theme font to fit your genre and easily add drop caps without messing around in Word.

Some authors believe internal styling inside of an eBook while others swear by it. At the end of the day, it isn’t necessary, but Kindle Create allows you to produce a professional eBook for your readers.

Easiest way to upload to Amazon KDP

By preparing a KPF file using Kindle Create, you can upload that file direct to Amazon in the knowledge that there will be no formatting errors, something that plagues first-time self-publishers.

After a couple of hours learning the ins and outs of KC, it’s the easiest way to format and upload you book manuscript, without question.

Bear in mind, you will not be able to use the KPF format anywhere else, it is exclusively for Amazon KDP.

Insert images with ease

Kindle Create takes the stress out of adding images to your eBook but simplifying the entire process. When adding images to Word, there’s always the chance they will look out of place in the published book.

Adding images using KC is a breeze and there are many image placement options to choose from.

Preview on various devices

One of the original benefits of Kindle Create is the ability to preview your finished eBook as it will appear to readers. The only other way to do this is to use the online previewer in the KDP book details section.

It allows you to view the finished eBook on tablets, phones, and Kindles.

Easy to use

Even if you have no skills in formatting an eBook, using Kindle Create can help speed up the process to produce a professional-looking eBook.

The entire process is simple from uploading a Word document, choosing your parameters, and then stylising your manuscript.

It’s on a par with producing a great-looking EPUB file which is how professional publishers do it. There are also options to use Kindle Create for picture books and comic books.

You can easily create a table of contents if you haven’t uploaded one with your Word document. If you have then Kindle Create will take the Word TOCs but you have the option to replace it with the KC one.

The potential of Kindle Create

KC is not a creative program as such, you can’t write books using the software, though some authors have tried. You still need Word to get you started.

Amazon has been moving towards proprietary software and digital implementation for years, most commonly with their ASIN database. Which some say rivals the traditional ISBN in such a way to make it obsolete in the coming decades.

Recently, Amazon KDP removed support for the .MOBI file format, leaving only DOC, DOCX, EPUB, and KPF (Kindle Package Format) as ways to upload an eBook.

It’s likely that KDP will be developing Kindle Create further so there’s never been a better time to practice using the software.

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