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Everest Media Summary and Milkyway Media Scam



Last Updated on August 25, 2022 by Ben Oakley

Two for the price of one as Everest Media Summary scam titles hit over 6,000, and Milkyway Media audiobook releases hit almost 250.

Of course, ‘books’ is a misdemeanor, as the releases in question are pamphlets, flyers at best.

How long until Amazon/Barnes & Noble wake up to these AI written fraudster factories? Amazon has 347 pages of Everest Media titles, while B&N lists 6,400 titles, and rising.

What is the Everest Media Summary scam?

It’s vital to point out there are many companies in the world with Everest Media in their company name. This particular Everest Media pens their wares under Everest Media LLC.

There are many Everest Media LLC companies out there also, which makes identifying them a fruitless exercise. It’s likely the company doesn’t exist at all, as all the books are listed as independently published.

I mean, why would you purchase ISBNs as a scam company?

Though there is one listed in Ahmedabad, India, under the division of ‘reproduction of recorded media’ and with a Gmail address. But again, these scammers were unlikely to have ever made their ‘business’ official.

The scam involves picking bestselling books, mostly non-fiction, and selling them as lightweight companion books. The ‘books’ have a one-paragraph summary of each chapter from the original material.

Exploring Amazon’s listings shows the first Everest Media Summary book was released a year ago on 29th August 2021. As of 25th August 2022, they have over 6,400 titles listed.

What about copyright infringement?

Everest Media advertise their pamphlets as companion versions which in the past would bypass any copyright issue another publisher has with them.

However, if the creator of a companion book is capitalising on an existing book, then there are grounds for copyright infringement.

There is a lot of leeway in the copyright arena when it comes to commentary and companion versions.

The correct way for these Everest Media Summary books to have worked, would have been to request a copyright license to make it an official companion – and actually put some work into it.

All content within these books has been created (ripped) using AI. Accessing the Look Inside feature on the book listings shows how badly they have been produced.

Everest Media Summary and Milkyway Media Scam

Many other reviews on Amazon specifically are simple 5* ratings, no doubt left by the people – or person – involved in the scam.

What is the Milkway Media scam?

Another company, a little too similar in style to Everest Media, is Milkway Media. Who again only exist in the shadows of legitimate companies.

Their book covers, if you can call them that, are similar, and their content just as vague, yet still AI-written.

Below is one of their hundreds of listings on Google Play. They also started ‘business’ in August 2021.

Everest Media Summary and Milkyway Media Scam

Milkyway Media also produces audiobooks, with 249 listed on Amazon. The audiobook arm of their business model began back in 2018, and they’re still allowed to sell on Amazon.

This is despite their audiobooks containing little information, read from the chapter summaries of their book releases.

Ripping off readers and authors

The issue is not that these books exist, it’s that they’re selling. Meaning they’re ripping off readers who think they’re getting the real book.

Google also lists these books higher in their search engine rankings from the listings on B&N & Amazon when searching for specific titles.

Everest Media Summary books are listed for sale everywhere from Amazon, B&N, Overdrive, Google Play, Kobo and dozens of others.

It likely means the fraudsters are using book aggregators to access multiple marketplaces.

The Everest Media Summary and Milkway Media scams are exactly that. They are designed to prey on unsuspecting readers and hardworking authors, simply to make a quick buck.

Stay safe out there.

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