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Four Ways to Promote Your Book on Amazon



Last Updated on November 18, 2022 by Ben Oakley

Amazon itself is a powerful marketing platform, where you can promote your book using a range of tools.

The good news is you don’t have to go to another site to use them, as they’re already built into the Amazon ecosystem.

KDP Select

This is the biggie really, one that still divides self-published authors. To KDP or not to KDP? Tis a question asked since the dawn of self-publishing on Amazon.

KDP Select can be a great tool when used right and with the right goals in mind. Just remember there is no grey area with KDP.

Signing up to KDP Select is the best way to promote your book on Amazon and makes your book available for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

The only choice you have here is to sign up to KDP Select or not. If you sign up to KS, then you must sell your eBook exclusively on Amazon and nowhere else.

By not signing up to KS, you can sell your eBook at any digital bookstore in the world. Here’s a guide that includes why Kindle Select can be a powerful tool.

Author Central

Amazon Author Central allows you to create an author page on Amazon. You can then share the link to your author page far and wide.

The site also gives you access to reporting you won’t find within the KDP dashboard. One such tool is the Sales Rank page.

Here, you can see the current kindle store ranking across various Amazon marketplaces. There’s also a historical sales rank option, so you can see how high your book reached since it was published on the platform.

You also get access to the BookScan Weekly Sales chart, which shows copies of your books as reported by NPD BookScan. It’s a great way to see if you’re getting close to the bestseller lists!

Access to Author Central also includes the ability to add your blog’s RSS feed so it appears on your Amazon page.

Amazon Advertising

If you want to have a successful career in writing or publishing, then paid advertising is going to come up at some point.

The choices are endless, from social media platforms, to search engines, and paid website advertising.

I have found Amazon Ads to be one of the most successful ways to promote and market my books.

But it takes patience to work out how best to utilise it for your own needs. Simply signing up and paying for Amazon Ads is not going to sell books. It’s not a given.

Test the waters, play around with keywords, and try different budgets, and you might just find it to be one of the better ways to promote your book.

Gifting Books

Another paid option, unless your book is listed as free, is gifting books to readers or subscribers.

You can promote your book by buying multiple or single copies to give to your audience. This can be done via a contest or sending copies to newsletter subscribers.

It makes gifting books to readers at an event all that easier. A little tip here: If you want to give eBooks away at an event, then lower the price for the event days, it saves you money!

If you’re in KDP Select, gifting eBooks does not break the terms of the program.

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