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How Fiverr Can Help Prepare Your Self-Published Book for Publication?



Last Updated on November 24, 2022 by Ben Oakley

How Fiverr Can Help Prepare Your Self-Published Book for Publication?

Fiverr is one of those go-to sites, a one-stop shop for creative freelancers. But how can Fiverr help prepare your self-published book for publication?

Word of warning: DO NOT buy SEO links or pay for any other links for that matter. Google doesn’t like it, your audience won’t like it, and your blog will not benefit in the long term.

When I talk about Fiverr being beneficial, I mean in the freelancing section, where creative people sell their time for their expertise.

It takes a lot to prepare a book for publication, but Fiverr can help with every aspect.

Book Covers.

Need a book cover? Fiverr’s got a gig for that.

This very much depends on your budget. I can make an argument for a £1,500 book cover the same I can for a £10 one.

Yes, book covers help sell your book, but they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, especially if you’re aiming to publish a book for less than £100.

Fiverr works the same way as any other freelancer site, so you can chat with various designers to find the right person for the job.

Book covers on Fiverr start from a very basic cover at £5 to professionally designed ones reaching hundreds.

Author Bio.

Even the best authors in the world struggle to write their author bio’s and tend to focus on the wrong thing. They can be confusing at the best of times.

Fiverr can help can you get an impressive author bio to support your brand, show credibility in your chosen genre, and increase sales.

Many freelancers in this niche field have written hundreds of bios for authors.

Author or Brand Logos.

Author logos are one of those things that seem unnecessary at first but as you build your brand, the need grows.

The way you are perceived as an author is an important part of your overall branding strategy. Having an author logo is one way to bring it all together.

The same can be said for book series or a brand of books. Without a professionally designed logo, you’re swimming in the same mediocre ocean as everyone else.

Book Formatting.

It is the bane of a self-publisher’s existence. Having your book professionally formatted and laid out can stop problems arising down the line.

There’s nothing worse than spending the time to make every single line of your book perfect then messing up the formatting.

Badly formatted books often garner bad reviews and shine a light of mediocracy upon your work.

Of course, you can learn to format your book yourself. Kindle Create has made eBook formatting easier, and print formatting just takes a lot of practice.

Fiverr can help with formatting and other book layout options. Just make sure to vet the right person for the job. Five-star reviews doesn’t mean the freelancer is perfect for you.


Some authors frown upon this, others make a living from it. It very much depends on your publishing model and business plan.

The truth is that many authors do not write their own work and hire ghost writers to do the heavy lifting for them.

If it’s a route that sounds right for you, there are plenty of ghost-writers on Fiverr for your perusal.

Editing Services.

It’s one of those areas of book production that tends to be the costliest and yet most overlooked aspect of self-publishing.

Sure, you can self-edit, and many authors have been successful at doing so. It is possible to learn editing and emotionally remove yourself from your work.

But many authors, especially new ones, become blinded by their own view of perfectionism, and publish a subpar book.

Editors really help to shine an unbiased light on every aspect of your work.

Book Illustrations.

Children’s books are built around illustrations, but few authors have the ability to write and draw.

Which is where they turn to freelancers, and where Fiverr can help.

Like any other freelance service, take your time in finding the right person for the job. Ask many questions and be clear about what you want.

The children’s book market is huge, and if you’re going after a share of that market, then you’ll need the drawings to stand out.

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