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How Long Does It Take for the Look Inside Feature to Update?



Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by Ben Oakley

Taking a tour of the Look Inside feature for books on Amazon and how long it takes to update.

How Long Does It Take for the Look Inside Feature to Update?

You’ve made changes to your book’s manuscript and you’re ready to upload through KDP.

You could change your manuscript for any number of reasons including updating grammar or formatting errors.

Maybe you’re updating to a second edition or adding front or back matter, whatever the reason, it’s a very common thing to do.

After you’ve hit the publish button on the changes, the book on your KDP bookshelf will show as ‘Live – Updates Publishing‘.

Updates usually go live in less than 24 hours and mostly in just a few hours. But there is one element that seems to take forever to change – the Look Inside feature!

The Look Inside feature is a powerful preview tool

It can help hook your reader after the cover and description have done the trick.

If they haven’t hit that ‘buy with one click‘ button, then they may well be previewing the book using the Look Inside feature.

Look Inside also comes with an ‘add to cart‘ or ‘buy with one click‘ button so if your reader likes what they’re reading then hey presto – they can check out instantly and gain access to the full book.

It is a powerful marketing tool but can also be frustrating when it doesn’t update.

It usually takes two-three days for the Look Inside feature to update but it can take up to ten days so you could be waiting over a week for the system to display the updated manuscript.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone and you’re not being singled out, it is simply Amazon’s process.

So how long does it take for the Look Inside feature to update?

When you publish a book through KDP, your book is automatically enrolled to the Look Inside program. When you first publish the book, Amazon suggests that it may take:

  • 7-8 business days for an Ebook.
  • 9-10 business days for a Paperback.

Usually, it will show within a couple of days. The same timescale above also applies when publishing updates to the manuscript.

Some authors have managed to speed up the process by contacting KDP support but it’s never guaranteed to work. It’s best to assume it will take seven days for your book to be updated.

Publishing through KDP requires a certain amount of patience

There’s no proven way to try and speed things up as Amazon suggests to follow their timescale before contacting them.

If you have a pressing need for the Look Inside feature to update, then there are at least two things you could try.

  • As above, contact KDP support who may be able to assist.
  • Republish again with no updates and it tends to push the fact you’re making changes.

The republish again point also works if one of your other books is still in review, awaiting publishing.

Usually, when waiting for the Look Inside feature to update, it’s just a case of being patient.

From my own experience, it has taken between two to three days. So, although Amazon states at least seven days, you might have luck on your side and be updated in around 48 hours.

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Ben Oakley is a bestselling author, researcher, publisher, blogger, and mental health advocate from Camden, England. Usually found on Twitter or in the bars and parks of Camden. Agathokakological is his favourite word!

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