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How Long Does It Take to Link an eBook to a Paperback on Amazon?



Last Updated on September 20, 2022 by Ben Oakley

The good news is that if you want to link an eBook to a paperback on Amazon, the process is automatic – to a point.

However, you might need to reach out to KDP support occasionally when the process takes too long.

You’ve done the hard work, you’ve put in the effort, and you’ve hit the publish button on all different versions of the book.

When Amazon sends you an email saying your book is published, you follow the link, but to your dismay, the versions are not linked!

Updates to any version of a book on Amazon usually happens within 24 hours. Unless you’re an erotica author who should wait at least 72 hours.

But there is one feature that takes longer than others: linking each version of the book on the Amazon shop page.

Linking the books is a powerful marketing tool

There are benefits with linking all different formats of your book on Amazon.

  • Gives the reader choice.
  • Makes you look more professional.
  • Easy to view each version of the book.
  • One landing page for a customer.
  • Easy to set up universal links for.

Though it is a powerful tool to have it your disposal, it can be frustrating when the books don’t link straight away.

How long does it take to link an eBook to a print version?

Amazon suggests between 48 hours and seven days.

From experience, this seems to be correct. If after seven days, the books are not linked, or the wrong edition is linked, drop an email to KDP support through your account.

The email could read something like this:

Dear KDP support,

Please can I link the three formats of the same book.


  • eBook: ASIN
  • Paperback: ISBN
  • Hardcover: ISBN

Thank you kindly.

Don’t overcomplicate things with KDP support. Tell them directly what you would like from them and keep it simple.

The quickest way to ensure the books are linked is to connect them in your KDP account.

How Long Does It Take to Link an eBook to a Paperback on Amazon?

As per the image above, once your eBook is publishing or published, click on the + Create paperback button.

Or Link existing paperback if you already have it published elsewhere in your account.

They will link in the same timescale, so from 48 hours to seven days.

Self-publishing with Amazon KDP, or an aggregator like Draft2Digital, requires you to have a certain amount of patience.

Follow the timescale Amazon has given you and only contact them after the seven days is up. Most of the time, you will find the books linked within 48 hours.

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