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How Many Words Per Hour are 60 Words a Minute?



Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by Ben Oakley

How Many Words Per Hour are 60 Words a Minute?

Can you type 60 words a minute? To see if you can actually type that fast, head on over to this popular speed typing test tool.

There, you’ll be able to track your words per minute and take part in various typing tests

The tool gives you opportunity to change the difficulty settings and add your score to a global leaderboard.

Typing fast is one of the best ways to speed up writing and improve productivity. It takes a good amount of practice, but is a skill that all authors, writers, and content creators should learn.

Did you reach or surpass 60 words a minute?

30-40 words per minute is considered average.

50 words per minute is above average.

60 words per minute is good for professional-level jobs.

For professional typists, who have that as their job title, a minimum of 75 words per minute is required.

Hitting that magical 60 WPM is considered the first big milestone to hit, and one that puts you head and shoulders above the rest.

How many words per hour is 60 words a minute?

If you can maintain 60 words a minute, then you would write 3,600 words in one hour.

It’s simple mathematics. 60 (WPM) x 60 (Minutes in an hour) = 3,600.

If you’re wondering if it is possible to maintain 60 words a minute for an entire hour, then the answer is yes.

However, depending on what you’re writing, it will depend on the quality of the output.

If you are writing fiction and you have an idea or plan where the story is headed, then pumping out thousands of words an hour is possible.

Just remember it’s a first draft, so for that draft only, you can ignore usual grammar conventions, and let your fingers go wild!

If you’re writing non-fiction then you’re most likely drawing from research, which results in a slower writing speed.

Now, head on back to that typing tool or others like it and train those fingers!

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