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How To Market Your Book Without Showing Your Face?



Last Updated on September 19, 2022 by Ben Oakley

Fear not, you CAN market your book without showing your face!

Writers, are by our very nature, hermit-like, hidden away from the world, tapping away at our desks.

You’re know you’re a writer when you prefer to live in the world you created rather than the real one.

When it comes to marketing, the introvert inside of us cowers away at the thought of putting our soul on the line.

You go on social media and see a raft of authors holding podcasts, talking about their books on TikTok, or openly sharing photos on Twitter.

The thought of it horrifies you. How can these people be so confident? What wizardry is needed to perform in such a manner?

And then the doom-laden realisation hits, you have to do all of that to market your book. You have to show your face.

But what if there was another way? Luckily, there is. Here, you’ll find out how to market your book without showing your face!

Digital portraits

You won’t find many erotica authors showing their true faces, even the most famous among them use digital representation.

There are many apps and freelancers who will produce a digital version of you.

The only downside to this is that if you have a very distinctive in look, you might be recognised. But your friends and family would have to be looking for you first.

To combat the fear of being recognised, you can have your artist produce a unique style, like a zombie or fairy.

Face generator

There are websites that produce unique faces using AI. Once they’re produced, they’re never seen again.

The best of these generators is This Person Does Not Exist. Every time you refresh the page, a new person appears.

Amazingly, the person you see on screen does not exist in real life and has been created by a computer program.

If you refresh the page, you’ll never see that person again. If you come across one you like, remember to save the image. You might also get some weird looking ones, just keep refreshing to find you or your penname.

It’s then up to you to bring that person to life. Many authors with pennames use a face generator to seem real to their readers.

How To Market Your Book Without Showing Your Face?
Faces generated for the purposes of this post using This Person Does Not Exist.

It’s a little weird at first but let’s face it, when the metaverse goes online, we’ll all be digital representations of ourselves!

Use non-personal marketing

As an author, it’s important to be active on your own website, and on social media. But it doesn’t mean you have to show your face.

Most marketing and advertising you will perform is aimed at selling books, building an audience, and increasing business.

Only a small part of marketing is about you – if you want it to be.

What types of marketing actually use your face?

  • Book signings.
  • Video podcasts.
  • Video advertisements.
  • TV interviews.
  • Speaking events.
  • Convention tables.

Though all are a loss from your overall marketing strategy, it wouldn’t be the death knell for your career.

Many self-published authors turn over a living wage every year without holding book signings or selling at conventions.

Really want to attend a convention? Go as the publisher of the books.

Some of the biggest marketing strategies for selling books include direct advertising. Methods such as Amazon ads, Google ads, and social media marketing, do not require you to show your face.

Some authors are making a living publishing and have had no need to show their face.

Does it restrict you from doing certain things? Sure, but it’s not the end of the road.

In fact, building a penname with a different face or artwork, is one way to emotionally detach yourself from any negativity surrounding the business.

Leaving you to get on with writing and building your business.

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Ben Oakley is a bestselling author, researcher, publisher, blogger, and mental health advocate from Camden, England. Usually found on Twitter or in the bars and parks of Camden. Agathokakological is his favourite word!

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