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How To Remove a Book from Sale on Amazon KDP?



Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by Ben Oakley

There are a few ways to remove your book from sale on Amazon KDP, but you won’t be able to remove it entirely from your KDP bookshelf.

The first thing to do is unpublish your book from your dashboard.

Before you decide to unpublish an eBook that is enrolled in KDP Select, bear in mind you will still be tied into the exclusivity window even if it is unpublished.

Login to your Amazon KDP account and find the book you want to remove from sale.

Click on the three-dot menu at the side.

How To Remove a Book from Sale on Amazon KDP?

Click on ‘Unpublish eBook’ or ‘Unpublish print book’.

A popup will appear on your screen that looks like the above.

‘By confirming, you will be unpublishing this eBook. It should become unavailable to buy and unsearchable from the Amazon storefront after. It will not be available for purchase until you republish it.’

Then do the same with your print copies if you have them.

Once your books are unpublished, your book listing will appear as above on the Amazon KDP dashboard.

You will not be able to completely remove a book from sale on Amazon KDP – many have tried!

Instead, it will remain on your bookshelf indefinitely. This is both a blessing and an annoyance.

A blessing because if you ever decide to republish your book on Amazon then all its metadata and files will still be there.

It can be annoying because if you unpublish lots of books, it clogs up your bookshelf. There is nothing KDP support will do to remove it.

This is because of many reasons including legal (your unpublished book can still be reported, and reviews will remain) and for accounting (KDP needs to know how you are using your account).

Unpublishing a book from Amazon is easy but can have wider effects so make sure it’s what you really want to do before removing that book from sell.

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