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How to Use a Genius Link for Your Book?



Last Updated on August 31, 2022 by Ben Oakley

I ran into a problem with my email newsletter that I struggled to find a solution to, until I came across Genius Link. Or, to be precise. What a cool domain!

After sending several newsletters, ten subscribers responded saying the Amazon links were only taking them to the site.

I didn’t think it was a problem, as I was linking my books to the UK site. I wrongly assumed that Amazon automatically redirected the clicker to the relevant site in their geographical location. I was wrong – and needed a solution.

The quick and easy solution was Genius Link.

What is a Genius Link?

Geniuslink makes localizing, tracking, and managing smart links dead simple, so you can earn more without added work.

How to Use Genius Links for Your Books?

Instead of having multiple links to the same book, you can set up one Genius Link that automatically redirects a reader or customer to the site relevant to their location.

How does it work?

Let’s look at an example. If you have a book available through Amazon, then chances are you have it published in every marketplace. From Japan to Germany, Brazil to Australia.

If you share the standard link to your book, it will no doubt be a link to one page, the site where you are based. I’m based in the UK, so I would often share the link.

The problem was that when readers from the United States clicked on the link, they would be taken to the UK page. They were not automatically redirected.

Take for example, one of my books, Bizarre True Crime Volume 9. I added the link to the Genius dashboard and customised the URL. Genius then automatically found all the Amazon marketplaces the book was listed and added them to the link.

This book’s Genius Link is Depending on your location, you will end up on the Amazon site relevant to your location.

Note: I have removed all affiliate coding from the above link to use it as an example. So, click away!

You can also use a Genius Link to redirect people to an author page, a choice page (like a landing page with multiple link options), or for any affiliate program you might be using.

Surprising benefits of a Genius Link

You can add affiliate accounts and IDs from across the board. This includes all Amazon associate accounts you may have, iTunes, B&N, and Kobo etc.

When you create an Amazon link in your dashboard, the affiliate ID is automatically applied to the link. It takes the stress out of managing all your affiliate codes for Amazon.

Simply add them to your Genius Link account to make it work. Have a new code? Replacing it is the same as adding one and it changes the code in all the relevant and active links.

But the most surprising benefit of all was the increase in book sales!

I assumed the only problem with readers being taken to the wrong site was that it was an inconvenience, as they had to track their way to the right site. I was wrong.

The biggest problem was that if a reader with an intention to buy a book landed on the wrong Amazon page, they simply clicked off and didn’t make a purchase.

Genius Link helps by automatically redirecting the reader or customer to their geographical location. This effortless process has resulted in fewer missed sales and happier readers.

Your dashboard has tracking reports, so you can see exactly where people who clicked on the link ended up.

I couldn’t live without Genius Link now, and at less than £5/month, it’s an easy decision, and one I highly recommend.

Visit Genius Link and get set up for FREE!

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Ben Oakley is a bestselling author, researcher, publisher, blogger, and mental health advocate from Camden, England. Usually found on Twitter or in the bars and parks of Camden. Agathokakological is his favourite word!

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