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IngramSpark Print-on-Demand Prices to Rise in the UK from October 2022



Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by Ben Oakley

IngramSpark Print-on-Demand Prices to Rise in the UK from October 2022

It was perhaps inevitable, as the price of everything is going up all over the place, from food to energy, and now IngramSpark have been forced to raise theirs.

IngramSpark sent an email out to their subscribers and publishers with the following information.

Effective 10 October 2022, IngramSpark will be adjusting United Kingdom and EU print-on-demand pricing. As you have likely heard in the news and experienced personally, material and energy prices are rising sharply.’

Considering these unprecedented cost increases, print prices for all products manufactured in our UK print facility will be increasing by 4.9%. Service fees such as title set up, revisions, proof copies and order handling are not impacted by this change.’

On the positive side, it seems as though proof copies won’t be affected by the price increase. But this affects the author only, whereas the price rise directly affects readers.

IngramSpark, who are owned by Lightning Source LLC, continued. ‘With this increase, you may want to consider a list price adjustment on your books in order to maintain your current publisher compensation rates.’

The question of whether book prices rise with inflation has already been discussed. But combined with rising prices everywhere else, it seems the publishing industry is about to be tested yet again.

IngramSpark have recommended authors and publishers raise their prices to combat the price increase, which comes into effect in October 2022.

This applies to their UK print-on-demand facilities. Currently, there has been no word from Amazon and other publishing powerhouses regarding their own price increases. But following IngramSpark’s price increase, it’s only a matter of time.

A near 5% increase on printed books is a big hit to an industry already seeing price rises across the field.

It suggests that eBooks could gain momentum again after a slump in sales in early 2022.

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