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When Do Amazon KDP Pay Royalties?



Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by Ben Oakley

This post explain the ins and outs of when Amazon KDP pay royalties to their publishers, including timescales and payment dates.

When Do Amazon KDP Pay Royalties?

It’s a question that seems to confuse so many new writers and self-publishers. Luckily, the answer is simple!

It’s invigorating when you self-publish a book via Amazon KDP and get that first sale or have several pages read.

In fact, a sale of one of your books shows up on the KDP dashboard within one hour in most cases, to help you keep on top of any book marketing tactics you have.

But translating that sale to hard money takes time – at least 60 days’ worth of time!

When do Amazon KDP pay royalties to you?

Amazon KDP pay royalties at least 60 days after the end of the month in which the sale was reported.

For example, any sales or page reads you accumulate in January will be paid out at the end of March.

Here’s an easy table to work out when your royalties will be paid to you.

Royalties earned in January >>>Paid at the end of March
Royalties earned in February >>>Paid at the end of April
Royalties earned in March >>>Paid at the end of May
Royalties earned in April >>>Paid at the end of June
Royalties earned in May >>>Paid at the end of July
Royalties earned in June >>>Paid at the end of August
Royalties earned in July >>>Paid at the end of September
Royalties earned in August >>>Paid at the end of October
Royalties earned in September >>>Paid at the end of November
Royalties earned in October >>>Paid at the end of December
Royalties earned in November >>>Paid at the end of January
Royalties earned in December >>>Paid at the end of February

If you make a sale on January 1st, you will be paid at the end of March, as the sale falls within January. The same applies if you make a sale on January 31st.

This means royalties are paid out between 60-90 days after the day the sale has been made.

And don’t worry, this has been industry standard for a long time, you’re just going to have to suck it up and work it into your overall strategy.

Are there any payment thresholds I need to meet?

If you’re opting to be paid by cheque, there is a minimum $100 threshold to be met first. This is similar across all marketplaces, and usually replaced in the location’s own currency.

If you’re still using cheques to run your publishing business, then you should really consider moving to digital payments. Cheques will one day be obsolete. Payments via wire transfer have the same limits.

However, to get around the threshold limitation, all you need to do is add a bank account registered to your name or business. This is called direct deposit.

Once you have updated your bank and tax details, you will receive payments from every geographical marketplace you make a sale, regardless of how many.

What date do Amazon KDP pay royalties?

Amazon KDP usually pay on the 29th of each month.

This changes from country to country and day of the week the 29th falls on.

For example, if the 29th falls on a Sunday or bank holiday, then the transfer will complete on the next working day.

In the UK, we tend to receive U.S. payments first, due to an age-old banking rule requiring British banks to manually accept the foreign exchange rates.

This means that royalties from Amazon UK are paid out from the 29th of the payment month, to the 2nd or even 3rd of the next.

Don’t be alarmed if your royalties are not already in your bank. If you received a royalty payment email around the 23rd of the month then your payment will go through.

Do Amazon KDP pay royalties once a month?

Once you receive your first royalty payment and consistently get sales or page reads in each calendar month, then you will be paid once a month.

It goes without saying, that you only get paid royalties if you make a sale. So, if you have zero sales in one month you won’t be paid 60 days later.

Once you get into the rhythm of receiving KDP royalties, it makes it easier to plan ahead and adjust any book marketing strategy you may have.

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